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With Thermal Imaging, Ford Drivers Can Warm Up to Quieter Rides

June 3, 2014

With Thermal Imaging, Ford Drivers Can Warm Up to Quieter Rides

Customers to our dealership in Elk Grove, CA can contest to the fact that our new Ford lineup is flawless. However, for the auto brand, even "flawless" isn't enough and it is constantly looking for ways to better its vehicles and their quality. Such commitment entails the use of the most advanced technologies during the manufacturing process, like thermal imaging.

Ford is the first to utilize heat-sensing equipment in the auto industry, but we won't be surprised to see other automakers follow suit considering thermal imaging will better vehicles in terms of repairing air leaks and thus, diminishing wind noise.

To detect where air is escaping, Ford fills the vehicle with hot air and uses a heat-seeking scanner to map the traveling air as an infrared image. The technology is used similarly by law enforcement and the military to find hiding offenders, as the scanner recognize humans through their body heat. In Ford's case, thermal imaging pinpoints weak spots typically found around doors, windows, and roof openings, which can be immediately remedied.

From there, drivers can enjoy a quieter ride in their favorite Ford model, as well as noises you actuallywant to listen to like your iPod or a satellite radio station playing via your car's MyFord Touch and SYNC infotainment system.

Thermal imaging is proving its worth, with the new Ford Fusion exhibiting a 67 percent approval rating for its interior quietness. However, Sacramento area drivers can revel in a more silent car cabin across the lineup.

A quiet ride isn't all a new Ford has to offer. Learn more when you visit us at Elk Grove Ford and test drive a model of your choosing.

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