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Why You Should Shop from Car Pro Approved Dealerships

February 12, 2018

Why You Should Shop from Car Pro Approved Dealerships

Let’s be honest: Shopping for a new car isn’t as fun as its sounds. To top it off, finding a reliable dealership is an actual struggle.

If you’ve spent hours and hours looking for the “right” auto dealership to work with and yet have no clue what-so-ever where to start, we suggest that you seriously consider choosing a Pro Approved Dealership.

What It Means to be a Car Pro Approved Dealership

Horrible shopping experiences are quite common when it comes to shopping for popular vehicles, such as the Ford F-150. Dealerships approved by Car Pro stand by the “Car Pro Promise” and strive to offer top-of-the-line customer care and support services to all their customers. They understand the importance of building a personal connection with their customers, work hard to cater to their needs, and offer them a fair deal.

What is the Car Pro Promise?

Car Pro dealerships promise to give you the straight talk and honest responses. The Car Pro Promise features the following core values that every Car Pro Approved Dealership in Elk Grove and elsewhere must abide by:

  • Building a personal relationship
  • Upfront communication
  • Simple and easy to understand process
  • Fair pricings
  • Premium customer services
  • Predictability
  • Accountability

While the Car Pro Promise aims to promote exceptional customer services, the organization goes the extra mile to ensure that only the most worthy of dealerships receive this certification.

Why You Should Shop From Car Pro Approved Dealerships

There are several good reasons for buying a car from Car Pro Approved Dealerships. Some of these include;

  1. They understand your struggles with purchasing the right car for you and your family, and strive to develop and maintain personal relationships.
  2. They are committed to delivering the most value for your money.
  3. They offer special Car Pro Pricing.
  4. They do not engage in false advertisements of their products.
  5. They value feedback from their customers on social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., and make changes to their policies to adjust to their growing needs.
  6. They offer a minimum 10-day reconciliation period to cater to an unsatisfied customer.
  7. They take part in on-going training sessions that teach all about offering exceptional customer services.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, we highly suggest that you continue to read about the Car Pro VIP process and how it can benefit you.

The Car Pro VIP Process

Car Pro Certified Dealerships promise to make the process of car ownership as easy as possible. Taking away the stress of purchasing a car, the Car Pro VIP Process offers a simple 4-step procedure to help you get your hands on a brand new vehicle.

  1. Find a Car Pro Certified Dealer in your locality.
  2. Connect with the dealer.
  3. Visit the dealer and secure your purchase.
  4. Report back your experience.


Shopping from the right dealerships is all it takes to find the right car. Whether you are looking for a new or used car we suggest that you evaluate your local Elk Grove dealerships very carefully and settle with a reputable Car Pro Approved dealership.

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