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Why is Ford Keeping the Mustang and Focus?

May 21, 2018

Why is Ford Keeping the Mustang and Focus?

With Ford Motor Company’s recent announcement that its North American car lineup will now exclusively feature the Mustang sports car and compact Focus crossover, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to highlight why these two models are great options for your next vehicle purchase.

Mustang lives up to its namesake when it comes to sheer power, acceleration

A Mustang is a wild American horse, an untamed stallion roaming free across the prairies of flyover country, United States. Because of this nature, they were infamously hard to tame, with only the best riders able to stay in the seat of a bucking bronco.

While the latter part is a stretch, the power that is referred to in the early, wild Mustangs is still very much a piece of the sports car’s allure. The 2019 model boasts horsepower (no pun intended, sort of) that ranges from 310 to 475. A Ford Mustang was first built to showcase what American muscle can do, and it still resembles that goal. Powerful, loud, and daring is the Mustang, right alongside many who own them.

Ford Focus showcases agile nature, suspension

Where the Mustang excels in an emphasis on straight-line speed and brute power, the Focus is a model that can really move, too, albeit in terms of corners and maneuvering. A comfortable yet responsive ride at low-to-high speeds reassures drivers that in the event a quick steering input is needed, this car will rise to the occasion.

What about curb appeal?

It’s hard to beat the appeal of having a shiny Mustang in your driveway. However, the Focus is a class-leader in style and performance. With many consumers making the leap toward fuel-efficiency and sensibility, the Focus has become just as much of an eye-catcher as its brash American sibling.

Technology? Focus, Mustang each have you covered with FordSYNC

Today, it’s rare that we stay disconnected from the world of social media, e-mails, phone calls, and text messages for more than just a few minutes. With this in mind, FordSYNC technology allows the driver hands-free access to their devices, music, and infotainment features. FordSYNC can be found in new models of both the Ford Mustang and Ford Focus. So, whether you are taking your sportscar to the track, or running around town with the hatch, we’ve got you covered.

So, what’s the conclusion here?

Simply put, the realignment of Ford’s American offerings presents buyers with an opportunity to really dissect what they’re getting with the purchase of either a Mustang or Focus. Each has been a wildly popular addition to highways and city streets around the country from the date of their introductions, and remain ultra-recognizable in the landscape of American-made vehicles.

If you are interested in learning more about, test driving, or purchasing/leasing a Ford Mustang or Ford Focus, be sure to log on to www.ford.com for information, or stop in and visit the friendly staff at your local, trusted Ford dealership.

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