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What is the Ford Sync 3 and Why You Want It

November 9, 2017

What is the Ford Sync 3 and Why You Want It

Have you ever wondered about the fastest growing trends in cars? Over the past decade, there’s no denying we’ve seen a rise in luxury features.  Everything from heated seats to USB ports is almost becoming standard.  But perhaps the most convenient feature for drivers are infotainment systems—you know, those touch screens that allow for hands-free entertainment.

Ford became a contender in the infotainment fray back in 2016 with its Sync 3 system.  Overall, this system really adds new layers of fun and convenience to any drive.  So, are you curious to see how Ford’s Sync 3 infotainment will instantly change the way you drive?  Then read along with us as we explore this stellar piece of technology.


The Ford Sync 3’s Design

Overall, you’ll notice the Sync 3 presents a simple touchscreen design.  Most of the systems range from 6.5 to 8-inches in size, which is plenty of space to read maps and navigate menus with ease. 

Of course, you’re not expected to be playing with these menus during your drives.  So Ford makes it easy for you by offering voice control to open menus and give commands.

As far as navigating the system goes, the Sync 3 offers you a simple home screen with three different sections.  This is a good thing since it allows you to open each menu with only a quick glance—perfect for those times you’re waiting at a red light or stuck in gridlock traffic.  

From here, you’ll find the Sync 3 divides into three core menus—phone, navigation, and audio. 



The name says it all here.  This is where you’ll control your music and news.  As you’d expect from any car, you have access to AM/ FM radio, CDs, USBs, and Bluetooth devices such as your phone. 

Really, this is all pretty straight-forward.  You can preset up to 18 stations, which is more than most traditional radio sets will give you.  Also, if you subscribe to Sirius XM radio, you can navigate fun features, such as a replay button for relistening to songs you love.


Your Phone

You can connect your smartphone to the Sync 3 for many convenient features.

While the obvious feature here is hands-free phone calls, Ford offers plenty more you won’t want to miss. 

For starters, the Sync 3 includes a 911-assist safety feature.  How is this useful?  Well, if the airbags in your car ever deploy, the system automatically calls 911 for you.  During this call, the system even alerts the operator of your location.  In other words, this feature could save your life if you’re ever in a car accident and unable to dial emergency services.

On a more upbeat note, the Sync 3 will even read your phone’s texts to you while allowing you to reply with your voice.  Again, this is a great means of staying connected while avoiding distractions on the road.


Smart Phone Features

Of course, connecting your phone will offer more benefits beyond calling. 

First of all, you’ll want to download the FordPass app.  Think of this as a personal assistant for your car.  If you ever wanted to start your car, or lock/ unlock your doors with your mobile phone—that’s now an option with this app.  This is a fantastic feature for those brisk winter mornings and evenings where you want to heat your car without leaving your keys in the ignition.

Even better, FordPass will even allow you to check maintenance schedules and fuel levels from your phone.  You can leave behind those days of running late because you forgot your car needed gas.

Also, keep in mind that newer Ford Sync 3 versions allow for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.  As the name implies, these features bring your phone’s interfaces and apps to your car’s display.  So, if you’re not feeling Ford’s map system, you can use Google Maps as an alternative.  Also, if you prefer Siri for voice navigation—that’s also an option.

Lastly, there’s the AppLink app.  This one is a bit simpler in terms of use.  Here, you’ll gain access to some of your smartphone apps.  So, if you want Pandora or Spotify in your car, this is app that will allow that. 



Lastly, the Sync 3 allows you access to maps.  As you’d expect, this is one huge GPS navigation system.  You can pinch to zoom, much like a smartphone.  You can even search for points of interest if you’re driving around a new city.  The large display is easier to see and hear than your smartphone’s display—which is definitely a good thing.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Ford’s Sync 3 system is a nifty feature for any car.  Whether you want quick access to climate controls or a safe means of accessing your smartphone, the Sync 3 delivers. 

So the next time you’re shopping for a Ford, be sure to check for the Sync 3 infotainment system.  It will make your drives far more fun and convenient. 

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