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The New Ford 2018 Lincoln Navigator On A Mission To Shock And Amaze Fans

July 5, 2017

The New Ford 2018 Lincoln Navigator On A Mission To Shock And Amaze Fans

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator plans to launch SUV in the upcoming year with a mission to shock and amaze Ford fans.  Ever since Ford launched the showroom of the 2018 concept fans have been excited over the company's innovative touch to the new design of the Navigator.  The Ford Navigator is acclaimed to be one of Ford’s most impressive vehicles for the year 2018. Compared to other luxury SUVs, like the Cadillac Escalade, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is planned to differentiate itself as a powerful contender to be up against.

From a distance, the Lincoln Navigator's intricate design provides drivers with a robust infusion of luxury that gives an additional flare toward personal functionality and comfort.  The Navigator’s emphasized lines give the SUV a powerful presence. Primarily, the design of the Navigator’s was inspired by the Ford Expedition.

Ford hopes to draw attention to former glory days of the Lincoln Navigator by dominating the luxury SUV market again, much like when the Navigator was first launched. Packing plenty of presence, the Navigator showcases a classic package that Ford fans rave about.  There are many reasons Ford loyalists are keeping up with the latest news of the Navigator just to see how the vehicle will develop before the official launch of the final upgrades and updates.

Though luxury is something that all Ford cars emphasize during their drive, Lincoln is planning on taking the concept to a whole new level, providing drivers with a classy vehicle that takes luxury much more seriously.  Though many vehicles may establish leather as a mere surfacing option for the interior, the brand instead wants drivers to have a much more sophisticated experience when they take a look at the vehicle. From the dealership to the daily drive, the brand is planning on emphasizing comfort above all else.

The way Ford presents the Navigator, drivers can immediately see that it remains comfortably truck-like, similar to the Expedition.  The two vehicles share much of the same side profile, though the Lincoln appears to differ dramatically in the way the styling is presented.  The front fascia is established in a much more emphasized way, with a hefty inset chrome grille that looks as though it belongs on Ford's Continental sedan.  The Navigator big tail lamps stretch outward across the rear of the SUV, and the styling on the wheels is especially intricate and attractive.  The car works well with its 10-speed automatic transmission, which works with the 3.5-liter turbo V-6 engines to send upwards of 450 horsepower to either all of the wheels or just the rear ones.

Additionally, many Ford fans look forward to the way the Navigator makes the driver feel like they are isolated from the outside as it’s sound combating capabilities are intended to keep.  There is a tremendous amount of sound muting insulation inside the car itself, and Lincoln has claimed that the vehicle is perhaps the quietest Navigator developed yet.  There is comfortable seating available for eight others, and there is plenty of wood and leather accents everywhere to draw the viewer's attention to the craftsmanship within.

There are numerous high-tech features available inside the vehicle as well. From the built-in WiFi antenna to the 4GE LTE connectivity options available, drivers can hook up all of their electronic belongings to establish a personalized interior experience.  The 12 inch LCD screen is set in a comfortable location, and the rear seat's system showcases wireless Android device mirroring.  This can be advantageous for those who are planning on longer trips with the family.  With so much to look forward to, it comes as no surprise that the news of the Navigator has been turning heads already.