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The Blue Oval Goes Green: Ford's New Eco-Strategy

June 3, 2014

The Blue Oval Goes Green: Ford's New Eco-Strategy

Going green isn't a temporary trend; it's a lifestyle that's here to stay. Recycling and reusable bags are little ways that we in the greater Sacramento area have done to start reducing our carbon footprint. We aren't the only ones adopting an environmentally friendly mindset-- Ford has jump started their eco-efforts which includes cutting new Ford models' waste to 40 percent.

The makers of green cars like the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid, is taking it another step further with a new five-year global waste reduction plan.

The strategy touches on many aspects of Ford production, from eco-friendly packaging to working with global suppliers. The plan includes:

  • Identifying five largest volume waste-to-landfill streams at each plant and figuring out how to reduce each.
  • Minimizing waste by leveraging the Ford production system and developing processes to ensure lean manufacturing.
  • Improving waste sorting procedures to simplify recycling and reuse.
  • Invest in new technologies that minimize waste like dry-machining, which is machining without the use of any cutting fluid.

This is only a fraction of Ford's strategy to emphasize prevention, minimization, reuse, and recycle of waste. However, their most impressive endeavor is trimming waste-to-landfill to 13.4 pounds per vehicle by 2016.

The first phase of this process was turning Ford's Van Dyke Transmission plant into the first zero waste-to-landfill transmission plant in North America. After its transformation, the plant now produces only 15 tons of waste each month.

Additional initiatives include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and energy consumption. We aren't surprised that Ford has high expectations when it comes to their eco efforts and are excited to watch them achieve their green goals over the course of the next decade.

While we, here at Elk Grove Ford, are trying to do our part in greening up our act, we are happy to see larger companies like Ford act socially responsible. We are thrilled to minimize our carbon tire-tracks with Ford models. If you are interested in getting a head start with your green lifestyle, why not start with a Fusion Hybrid or C-Max Hybrid? Come to 9645 Auto Center Drive in Elk Grove, California for an eco-friendly test drive with our equally friendly team!

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