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The Advantages of Ford EcoBoost – Getting More From Less

August 27, 2018

The Advantages of Ford EcoBoost – Getting More From Less

If you are even moderately familiar with the Ford lineup, you’ve noticed that many of the vehicles are now equipped with EcoBoost, Ford’s performance technology that gets more (horsepower and torque) from less (gasoline). We thought it would be a good idea to explain just what it is and how it improves your driving experience.

Powerful engines have always been important to Ford from the days of the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, to the entire F Series line, to the Mustang and now the 2019 Edge ST, the first performance SUV in America. In decades past, Ford followed industry thinking that the only way to get more power out of an engine was to build a bigger engine. But when you do that, you add additional parts (cylinders) and a ton more weight. This means you need more fuel to get those extra cylinders moving and to carry the load of the bigger engine. When gas topped $4.00 per gallon, big powerplants became a luxury item and the smaller, less powerful 4-cylider engines became hugely popular.

Ford engineers are known for innovation. They tackled the challenge of squeezing out greater fuel efficiency without degrading horsepower and torque, and the result of that effort is the EcoBoost system.

EcoBoost Saves Money, Power, and Clean Air

Every EcoBoost engine has at least two components in common. All EcoBoost engines are have direct-injection fuel systems designed to reduce the need for extra cylinders and increase fuel economy. In order to pick up the power losing a couple of cylinders causes, Ford installs a turbocharger to make the combustion chambers of the remaining cylinders more efficient. It other words, the measured fuel injection and the air forced in by the turbocharger creates a bigger bang in the combustion chamber creating greater energy than a naturally aspirated, non-turbo cylinder would.

This means the same or better performance of a bigger, less efficient V6 can now be achieved by a 4-cylinder and an EcoBoost V6 is a match for a standard V8. Smaller engines are less expensive to produce and more fuel efficient. This economy is passed on to the consumer both in acquisition and operation costs.

Summing it up, when compared to naturally aspirated engines, those in the EcoBoost lineup are able to achieve increases in efficiency by about 20 percent. On top of that, and just as important in California, the smaller engines spew out 15 percent fewer emissions.

Ford has fully bought into the EcoBoost technology, and unlike some of the competition, it doesn’t charge extra for the extra performance. And when we’re talking performance we are talking F-150, Mustang, and the new high performance 2019 Edge ST, all equipped with EcoBoost engines in their lineup.

Of course the best way for you to evaluate this technology is to get behind the wheel of one and take it for a test ride around town. At Elk Grove Ford we are happy to accommodate you with that request. Give us a call today and let’s get you trying out EcoBoost now!

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