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Self-Driving Cars Within 15 Years? It Could Happen, Says Ford CEO

April 30, 2015

Self-Driving Cars Within 15 Years? It Could Happen, Says Ford CEO

Driving can be such a tiring drag that you wish your car could do it on its own. But self-driving technology seems like it would take decades to develop, right? Not so fast, says Ford.

Ford CEO Mark Fields (pictured) predicts that fully autonomous, self-driving cars will become a reality in the fifteen years. This is according to remarks he made to The Wall Street Journal.

However, as Fields has stated in the past, Ford won’t sell self-driving cars unless they “[satisfy] customers in a profound way.”

Currently, many vehicles offer a few autonomous features, such as adaptive lane control. For its part, Ford is working towards including features such as parallel parking assist into their vehicle lineup.

There are reports that the experimental Google Car that purports to be a mostly autonomous self-driving car. At a level 3, the Google Car would be the highest level of vehicle automation when it hits the market in 2017.

Whether the auto industry hits level 4 vehicle automation in the next decade and a half is still an open question. However, Field’s comments indicate that automakers like Ford are definitely looking to compete with Google and other tech companies for that self-driving car dollar.

According to Fields, this tech-based phenomenon is becoming standard operating procedure for the automotive industry.

“Now the car is becoming the ultimate technology product and we are becoming more of an information company,” Fields said.

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