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Plug-in Hybrid Sales Soar for Ford in 2017

February 24, 2017

Plug-in Hybrid Sales Soar for Ford in 2017

The first hybrid vehicle was introduced to the market in 1999 and since then, Americans have purchased and driven more than 4 million of these eco-friendly vehicles. Today, drivers can choose from about 3-dozen different hybrid vehicles. Even though 2016 brought historic gas price lows, it was a significantly good year for Ford’s line of plug-in hybrid vehicles. While 23,895 plug-in hybrid vehicles sold may not seem like a large number in one year, it was for Ford. In fact, sales for this line of Ford vehicles jumped 38 percent in 2016 alone.
For now, Ford is keeping a modest collection of hybrid vehicles with plans to have more eco-friendly vehicle offerings by the year 2020. Current hybrid vehicles include the Fusion Hybrid, the C-MAX Hybrid, the C-MAX Energy, the Focus Electric, and the Fusion Energy:

  • The 2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid SE seats up to 5. Starting at just over $24,000, this Ford hybrid vehicle offers good value as well as style and performance.  It is well equipped with safety features, making it a popular choice for young families.
  • The 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid 6 starts at $25,295 and also seats 5. It offers the class and style drivers have come to expect from the standard Ford Fusion.  For entertainment, the Fusion features SYNC, an enhanced voice recognition communication and entertainment system.  Its perimeter alarm and SecuriLock anti-theft system also makes it an attractive buy.
  • The Ford 2017 C-Max Energi SE, starting at just $25,000, features a bold design and seats 5.  There is an option for leather seats and drivers appreciate the speed sensitive volume control as well as the second row in-floor storage.
  • The 2017 Ford Fusion Energi SE has a price tag starting at around $31,000.  With seating for up to 5, a 10-way power driver’s seat, and a 6-way power passenger seat, this Ford hybrid is comfortable as well as practical.
  • The 2017 Focus Electric starts at around $29,000 and also seats 5 comfortably.  The Safety Canopy System, rear view camera, and TPMS all come standard on this favored Ford hybrid vehicle.  A one-piece grille with piano black chrome accents and a rear spoiler give this Focus a stylish yet unique appearance.
It was the Fusion Energy that saw the greatest increase in sales in 2016, with a 63 percent increase in sales when compared to 2015 numbers. Ford now has an ownership of the electric vehicle market at a record 18 percent in 2016.
More specifically, sales of Ford’s hybrid vehicles were the best in the New York area where sales of the Energi doubled, as well as increased sales in Los Angeles and all of California. These increased sales are noteworthy, not only due to the common trend of hybrid vehicle purchases to drop when gas prices are lower but also because in 2015 the sales of these vehicles were down while sales of SUVs and crossovers were up.
Another potential push that may fuel the sales increase for eco-friendly vehicles is a recently proposed Republican carbon tax. This tax would add an extra 38 cents to each gallon of gas, making it even more financially appealing for consumers to drive a vehicle that doesn’t rely on fuel.
By the year 2020, Ford’s goal is to sell a range of 13 different electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. One of these vehicles will be a fully electric SUV with at least 300 miles per EPA rating standards. Even though Ford’s hybrid sales still only make up a small portion of their overall sales, the growth seen in 2016 holds promising for long-term sales.

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