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Most Sought After Ford Used Car Models

January 26, 2018

Most Sought After Ford Used Car Models

If purchasing a brand new car is not something on your list, but you want a Ford that could drop jaws everywhere you go, allow us to help you invest in a certified used car by Ford.

While Ford continues developing and producing new vehicles year after year, now might be a good time to explore the most sought-after used car models by Ford.

Looking for a used Ford car can open doors to a wide variety of models, each with their own unique list of Ford OEM parts to choose from. Here are the most sought after Ford used car models:

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has been America’s favorite for many years now. Considered to be one of the best used cars in its price range, the compact car has proven its worth time and again by delivering the highest levels of performance, reliability, and standards, combined with a five-star crash test rating by the NCAP.

Ford Escort

Even with Ford having stopped the production of the Ford Escort back in 2003, as of today, it remains popular in both Europe and the United States. This small, family-sized vehicle was the very first car in North America with front-wheel drive functionality, and was able to make its place amongst the most sought after certified used cars by Ford.


The Ford F-Series are simply the best-selling certified used cars not just in the United States, but in the rest of the world as well. You can get an idea about its popularity from the fact that Ford held a celebration last year to commemorate 40 consecutive years of the Ford F-Series as America’s best-selling truck. In addition, you can find a rather lengthy selection of Ford OEM parts for this model available on the manufacturer’s official website.

Ford Explorer

There was no way were we going to forget adding our favorite SUV to the list.

Ever since its introduction back in 1991, the Ford Explorer has been a favorite amongst other sports utility vehicles. Based on the Ford Bronco II, the Explorer was a one-of-a-kind, first generation medium sized SUV that changed into a full-sized crossover by 2011. As of today, up to 6 million cars have been sold, with a long line of customers searching for it actively in the certified used cars market.

Ford Mustang

No, we didn’t forget the Mustang. Now in its sixth generation and perhaps the longest-enduring nameplate that is still in production, the Ford Mustang is the pride and glory of Ford. Be it as a model car for car shows or perhaps a project car with the buyer looking to restore and create the ride of their dreams, the Ford Mustang is one of the most coveted Ford used car models, hands down.

Ford Model T

The Ford Model T was the first car to have thoroughly revolutionized automobile production. Being the frontrunner to have experienced the great Henry’s Ford implementation of assembly line production, the Ford Model T was designed to be a pocket-friendly vehicle that was mass-produced in America over the period of 1908-1927. Having remained in the picture for such a long time, the Ford Model T still holds in place in the hearts of millions of car owners.

With Ford’s unique listing of cars each with their own special features, looking for a certified used car can mean having to make plenty of important decisions. Choose Ford’s most sought after used car models to become the center of attention everywhere you go.

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