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Hybrid Sales are Strong for Ford in August

June 3, 2014

Hybrid Sales are Strong for Ford in August

Hybrid sales have been gaining popularity in the automotive world for a few years now, both in our own Sacramento, CA area initially, and now more nationally as well. There are now numbers starting to come out that support these assertions, as this past August, Ford set a new record for themselves in terms of hybrid sales.

Yes indeed, the three unique hybrid options now found within the Ford new model lineup are quite impressive for sure. Ford truly feels that the sky is the limit for the efficient and technologically-accessible hybrids they have to offer to consumers.

Posting the most impressive sales, the C-MAX hybrid model saw sales increases of about 12 percent this August when compared to sales of the model in August of 2012. The model sold a total of 3,032 models in the month. The Fusion Hybrid model also performed well alongside its hybrid-brother model, especially in geographic hubs like San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. as well, all saw hybrid models purchased off dealer lots to the tune of record sales.

Good news for Ford, good news for the environment, and good news for the wallets of consumers as they will now be spending less time and money at the gas pump.

Additionally, the all-electric Energi series counterparts saw large sales increases as well, to the tune of about 288 percent!

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