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The Newest Ford Electric Vehicle May Be Advantageous Over Tesla

June 1, 2017

The Newest Ford Electric Vehicle May Be Advantageous Over Tesla

Electric vehicles have been making the headlines for some time, promising to revolutionize the way drivers enjoy their vehicles in the future. Electric vehicles can optimize fuel usage, providing drivers with an easier way to save money, and many are integrated with brand-new safety systems to improve security on the road in just about all driving conditions. Many automotive companies have joined the trend of developing new electric vehicles, and some, in particular, have made tremendous progress in developing new driving options for their customers. Ford is one such system, and the automotive giants say that its first fully electric automobile is right on schedule to arrive around 2020, available with an affordable price tag at a long-range capability.

Ford announced that it was planning on developing a long-range, capable all-electric utility vehicle back in January at the CES. With electric cars constantly pushing the envelope in order to provide drivers with a more reliable way to move forward, many fans of the brand are looking forward to seeing what Ford can bring to the table. The brand has already stated that it plans on making a functional vehicle first, one that can provide drivers with all of the advantages they need in regular driving. Though the cost of the vehicle has not yet been revealed, Ford has said that they are planning on making the vehicle as affordable as possible to set the standard and provide drivers with an easy way to transition into an electric vehicle.

The plan is to make the vehicle as affordable as possible. Not only will this help new drivers interested in purchasing their first electric vehicle, but Ford also believes that the affordability aspect can make it easier for society to transition as a whole. Keeping up with a competitive market means changing the landscape where appropriate to better suit the nature of the market. As more and more drivers are beginning to show interested in stepping away from gas-powered vehicles, the electric vehicle market is ripe to blossom. Many professionals in the industry believe that the new series of options from famous names in the automotive field will provide drivers with additional incentives on making the switch to a more ecologically friendly vehicle.

Keeping up with Tesla, Volvo, and Volkswagen, Ford promises to not only make their vehicle affordable, but also competitive on a performance level. Ford believes that the car will have an advantage in terms of available space, as the battery range will offer drivers more distance for regular driving. Ford has announced that the plans for the electric vehicle include providing drivers with over 300 miles of driving distance, which would make the car one of the longest range varieties available on the market. As a reference, the Chevy Bolt's current maximum range is 238 miles a charge, and the Tesla Model 3, which is one of the most affordable electric sedans slated for launch later in 2017, will have a range of approximately 215 miles.

Ford is not concerned about the pricing either, as representatives believe that as long as competition is welcome, the economics of battery-powered electric vehicles will only improve. A competitive market will encourage drivers to explore their options as well, which will encourage automotive companies to focus on providing drivers with more variety in the future. As the market continues to grow and open up to new ideas and expectations, many fans of the electric vehicle are looking forward to seeing what the future may hold, especially considering the introduction of self-driving technology to new vehicles.

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