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Ford Works with Other Automakers to Bring Fuel Cell Technology to the Next Level

June 3, 2014

Ford Works with Other Automakers to Bring Fuel Cell Technology to the Next Level

Engineers have tinkered with different ways to power cars for years, but not one has caught on enough to push gas powered cars out of the marketplace.  Solar powered cars and trucks that run on recycled vegetable oil all sound like great ideas, but they don't have the widespread adaptability that a new, sustainable fuel source would need.  This is why Ford is working closely with two other major car companies to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology to use in its new inventory.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has hit a few road bumps during its development that have stopped it from reaching its potential.  Number one, it's very expensive to research and produce, and none of the big manufacturers have had the cash flow to invest a lot of money into a project with no definite deadline.  Secondly, due to its limited use, the infrastructure isn't in place in America for people to fuel up their hydrogen powered vehicles.  However, with the best minds in the business working together, this project will have the funding and resources it needs to be successful.

By working together, these automakers will share the high cost of research and production as well as the information they already have on the technology.  This collaboration will make the work go faster than any company could do on their own, and their goal is to have hydrogen powered cars on the road in just a few years.

Here at Elk Grove Ford, we're excited about what this innovation will mean for the planet and for our wallets, as this would end our reliance on the gas pump.  It would mean you can invest more in your dream car or truck and spend less on getting from point A to point B.  Our finance team is available to help you find the best car loan or lease in the greater Sacramento area.  We're located at 9645 Auto Center Drive Elk Grove, CA 95757 and can set you up a test drive for you today.

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