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Ford, Waze announce new capabilities with in-car Sync, App Link

June 21, 2018

Ford, Waze announce new capabilities with in-car Sync, App Link

While everyone has their preferred mobile navigational assistance app, it’s clear that one stands out from the rest in terms of interactivity – Waze.

Now, with enhanced integration into its Sync 3 AppLink platform, Ford is taking the next step in driver assistance technology. This development will allow Waze users around the world to project the app’s real-time traffic and navigation service onto the touch screen in their Ford vehicle, and control it via voice command.

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to access the smartphone features, apps, and services that they care about most in the car, without having to pick up their device,” said Don Butler, executive director, connected vehicle platform and product, Ford Motor Company, in a press release. “With Waze, our customers get the benefits they’re accustomed to with the added luxury of experiencing them on a bigger screen.”

Bigger is always better, right?

All users have to do is connect their Waze-equipped iPhone to the USB port of their Ford and view the service as it is projected onto the vehicle’s touch screen. With Ford SYNC AppLink, users can also access Waze’s features on a larger display and have voice guidance through their own speakers and microphone system.

Since its inception, AppLink has set the bar for creating a seamless experience for smartphone users, allowing drivers and passengers to access their applications and information on their vehicle screens and dashboards as they would on their phone screens.

The enhanced compatibility will allow users easier access to features including finding efficient traffic routes, locating cheaper fuel prices and reporting traffic accidents.

“We’re excited drivers of Ford Sync-3-enabled vehicles will now be able to use Waze for iOS right from their dashboard, getting access to features like planned drives, alternative routes, talk to Waze voice commands and more,” said Jens Baron, product lead- in-car applications, Waze, in a statement. “They’ll also benefit from the best routes and most accurate ETA’s, thanks to our global community of drivers on the go who update the map in real-time – helping our mission to one day eliminate traffic.”

For those that might be new to the Waze app, it is a groundbreaking navigational system that uses crowdsourcing to gather information about route conditions from active users. These updates can include accidents, hazards, or route changes that might otherwise not be known.

While eliminating traffic seems like a lofty goal, developments like Ford’s pairing of Waze with its Sync 3 AppLink platform are a major step in the right direction of making highways and streets a safer, more efficient place. After all, isn’t that what we are all after in the end?

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