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Ford Visits IOTA Lab EGFs

June 19, 2019

Ford Visits IOTA Lab EGFs

The researchers and scientists at the IOTA Industrial Lab Aachen (IILA) laboratories in Germany carry out research on artificial intelligence (AI), machine economy, machine-to-machine communication, and industrial internet of things. They’ve been described as the first open source distributed ledger built to power the Internet of Things. Their research has been able to solve various problems in the world of cryptocurrency. For example, they have made significant improvements when it comes to scalability, so large volumes of transactions can be processed at the same time, and multiple microtransactions can occur without fees. The IILA labs also happen to be a part of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), of which Ford’s Germany division is also a part. MOBI is attempting to make mobility greener, cheaper, and more accessible through the use of blockchain and other related technologies. Well fairly recently, Ford took a trip down to the IOTA laboratories. So what could this mean?


The team at the IOTA labs are constantly studying and researching how to make improvements in a variety of different industries, including the automotive industry. One of such improvements they are looking to make in the automotive industry includes tying virtual currency and payment terminals, for example, to the sensors in a vehicle. Imagine a world where you can go through a drive-thru and simply pick up your food, without fumbling for your wallet, neither a digital wallet on your smartphone nor a physical wallet. Payment conducted through your vehicle for the ultimate convenience. Through the work by IOTA Labs, this could very well become a reality.


While there are numerous automotive related projects we’ve heard that the IOTA Labs are working on, such as the one mentioned above, another one, in particular, stands out to us: autonomous (a.k.a. self-driving) vehicles. Ford has made several statements in the past in regard to their goal of having fully autonomous vehicles in commercial operation by the year 2021. In their attempts to achieve this goal, they have partnered with several different technology companies, including Velodyne, SAIPS, Nirenberg Neuroscience LLC, and Civil Labs. Could IOTA Labs be the next partnership?


It appears that Ford Germany was visiting IOTA Labs to discuss a proof of concept. However, what exactly this proof of concept remains largely a mystery. Ultimately, all we have at the moment are speculations and rumors. Either way though, it looks as if Ford may be considering a partnership with IOTA Labs sometime in the near future. We are just going to have to stay tuned and see what else Ford may have in store for us. 


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