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Ford to be First Major Automaker in Myanmar

June 3, 2014

Ford to be First Major Automaker in Myanmar

When it comes to leading the pack and taking care of "firsts," Ford is eager and willing. So we weren't too surprised when the auto brand announced it would be the first major automaker to open a showroom in the country of Myanmar.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is located in Southeast Asia and like its neighboring countries of China and India, the nation boasts a rather large population. Though many people reside in Myanmar, its car populace is not as abundant. In fact, few cars roam its roads with most of them over a decade old and manufactured by Japanese automakers. Considering such factors, we think drivers in Myanmar will enjoy a change of scenery with the oncoming of new Ford models.

"It's got a lot of positives in a country of roughly 60 million people with some of the lowest car ownership per capita in the world," says David Westerman, one of Ford Asia Pacific's regional managers.1

Ford aims to open up a showroom in Myanmar by August. Like Elk Grove Ford, the facility will offer sales of new models but also a auto service and repair center to maintain cars after they've left the lots. While we're familiar with such dealerships around the Sacramento area, this will be the very first sales and service showroom for new vehicles in the entire nation of Myanmar.

Personally, we're excited that more drivers, especially those on the other side of the globe, will have access to new Ford vehicles and the happiness that comes with being an owner of one. The auto brand is anticipating its first entry into the Myanmar market to be with the Ford Ranger and an F-Series truck like the F-150 pickup. Be sure to check back to our blog for more updates on Ford's expansion into the global markets.


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