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Ford Premieres “The Specialists” Starring Dwayne Johnson

October 2, 2015

Ford Premieres “The Specialists” Starring Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has played many roles in his dual career as professional wrestler turned movie star. But now the Hayward-born Johnson is embarking on one of his most challenging performances yet—Ford service technician.

Johnson is starring in Ford’s newest multimedia campaign, “The Specialists at Ford.” The spots feature Johnson leading an elite team of Ford technicians who demonstrate the benefits of vehicle service at an authorized Ford dealership.

Experienced drivers know they can depend on Ford service stations to deliver high quality repair and maintenance work on their vehicle. With that said, Ford is eager to get the word out about the exceptional training, tools and parts employed by the trained technicians at their Ford dealerships.

As a long-time Ford owner, Johnson is well aware of the caliber of work Blue Oval vehicles receive. He currently owns three Ford vehicles, but has a special place in his heart for the F-150. This makes total sense when you think about it—after all, a guy like The Rock would want a pickup that’s as big, tough and strong as he is. 

In a statement announcing the new ad campaign, Ford praised its newest star.

“His genuine appreciation of the brand makes the alignment of Ford service and Dwayne Johnson a great partnership,” Ford said.

TV spots for the company’s “The Specialists at Ford” campaign will begin airing on October 12, to be followed by ads on radio, digital and social media platforms. Ford says that this campaign will be a multiyear affair, so fans can look forward to seeing what The Rock is driving for many months to come. Find out more by visiting the Ford Media Center.

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