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Ford OEM Parts That Will Upgrade Your Vehicle

January 10, 2018

Ford OEM Parts That Will Upgrade Your Vehicle

A new year calls for everything new and improved! If you’re not yet ready to trade in your Ford for a newer model, why not give your ride a much-deserved upgrade?

If you’re seriously considering giving your Ford vehicle an upgrade, we suggest that you consider investing in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts by Ford.

So, What are OEM Parts Anyway?

OEM parts are made directly by the car manufacturer without the involvement of a third party. These parts are identical to the original parts and are manufactured to match the specific nature and requirement of a certain make and model of a car.

Let’s face it: we all like to save money, especially when it comes to maintaining and repairing our cars. However, is saving a couple of hundred dollars by relying on a product that might not even be compatible with your vehicle worth the hassle? Whether you’ve recently purchased a certified used car and are looking to upgrade it, or are a certified used car dealer looking to add more value to your offerings, it is important that you settle for nothing but the best.

There is nothing like the original.

OEM parts are designed by Ford exclusively for your vehicle and serve a specific purpose to boost its overall performance.

Here are four good reasons to choose Ford OEM parts over off-brand parts available in the market:

  1. These parts guarantee a perfect fit and serve the exact purpose that they were designed for.
  2. They offer warranty protection whilst promising to maintain the highest standards for your Ford vehicle.
  3. They are easier to find in the market. While finding an off-brand product that matches your vehicle’s exact needs can be difficult, ordering the part through Ford can make the process a breeze.
  4. OEM parts offer a safer way to upgrade without invalidating the vehicle’s warranty.

By using Ford OEM parts, you have peace of mind that no other aftermarket parts manufacturer will ever be able to offer the same high quality. From durability to safety, you know that an original part will not let you down. On the other hand, off-brand parts do little to ensure safety and often fail to function properly, putting the driver and passengers at risk.


Wondering What Your Choices Are?

Here are the top Ford OEM parts that truly help upgrade your vehicle by complimenting its style, drive, comfort, and safety features.

  • Wheel-Well Liners: Use the Ford wheel-well liner to cover and shield body parts and underpinnings located in the rear wheelhouses.
  • Hood Protector: Ford hood protectors give your hood an extra shield. Providing an engineered fit, this hood protector promises a smooth and smoky acrylic finish.
  • Wireless Charging: Upgrade your F-150 by installing a Wireless Charging Kit that allows you to charge your smart phone without having to plug it in.
  • Bumper Mounted Warning Sensors: Take your certified used car’s safety up a notch by installing Bumper Mounted Warning Sensors. With ultrasonic sensors that scan up to 7 feet behind your vehicle, this upgrade alerts the driver of any hidden objects, making reversing the vehicle as safe as possible.

With Ford OEM parts, rest assured that you are using genuine parts designed to ensure high quality, durability, and optimum performance.

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