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Plans to Apply Bamboo Wood in the Interiors of Future Ford Vehicles Has Car Buyers Excited to Own a Ford in Elk Grove, California

May 1, 2017

Plans to Apply Bamboo Wood in the Interiors of Future Ford Vehicles Has Car Buyers Excited to Own a Ford in Elk Grove, California

Ford knows best when it comes to choosing the right materials to construct Ford vehicles.  In 2017 making the interior design of Ford vehicles with quality materials has become a paramount feature in defining the structural integrity and personal style of Ford luxery sedans and SUVs.  Vehicles you can expect to see more bamboo wood interiors in are the Ford Fusion, Ford Expedition, and the Ford F-350.

Wood is often used as a finishing interior material in Ford vehicles because of its versatile beauty and attractive application options. Both dark and light wood see plenty of surface time when used inside of the vehicle, and the appropriate application can be one of the best ways to define the interior. As such, many vehicle manufacturers are always on the lookout for lighter, sturdier and more sustainable raw materials that they can use for their vehicles. Recently, Ford has announced that the brand is interested in taking a more unique approach towards pursuing the incorporation of different woods in its interior. One such option that was considered was bamboo.

According to one of the materials engineering supervisor working with Ford, Janet Yin, bamboo wood may be one of the best wood options available. As a wood, it is very strong, flexible and incredibly renewable. Bamboo wood grows quickly and easily in China and numerous other parts of the region. Harvesting the bamboo is relatively easy and the proper structural applications of the wood can provide drivers with a versatile degree of beauty and reliability.

Bamboo grows extremely rapidly in the wilderness, and it is able to reach its full maturity in as little as two to five years. This is a much shorter time than many other woods, which means that it can be applied on a larger scale because producers do not have to worry about deforestation as much. Studies show that bamboo is able to grow as high as three feet in a single day. To harness this structural growing potential, Ford has been in talks with numerous suppliers to learn more about their bamboo options and to see whether or not it can be realistic to apply the bamboo to create a tougher interior for vehicles.

During the testing stage, Ford representatives noticed that combining plastic and bamboo provided them with the best results. By optimizing the blend of materials, professionals hope that they can harness a material that can test considerably better than many other options up for consideration. Though initial testing has begun, Ford has not yet announced where and when the proposed material is going to be used, though fans of the brand are already keeping their eyes open for future applications.

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