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Ford Isn't Jokin' Around with "Inflatable Light Urban Vehicle" Trademark

June 3, 2014

Ford Isn't Jokin' Around with "Inflatable Light Urban Vehicle" Trademark

At Elk Grove Ford, we're big fans of April Fools' Day jokes and you'd be surprised at how many auto brands get in on the fun on the first of the month!  But we sure had the ultimate prank played on us by Ford, who reported its official trademarking of an odd name: "Inflatable Light Urban Vehicle (ILUV)." The punch line is that the trademark isn't a joke at all.

Ford really did apply for the ILUV name on the 21st of last month, under the category of vehicles for land, air, or water. The rest of the details surrounding this ILUV mystery-mobile are muddled. However, we suspect it isn't going to actually resemble the inflatable floatation devices we take out to the pool.

Some special Ford insiders are speculating the vehicle to be the answer to navigating through crowded urban areas, particularly those in Europe and China. Theories include a foldable two or three-wheeled compact car that can meander through tight and narrow side streets of cities. The ILUV could potentially be Ford's big break into the micro-sized urban vehicle segment that the auto brand has yet to expand into. If the idea of a folding car is true, it would be the first of its kind.

Ford is tight-lipped about the ILUV, but it gives us a chance to imagine the possibilities that the newly trademarked name could entail. If you're interested in the advancements of the potential mini-car, or updates on other news regarding new Ford inventory, technology, or what's bubbling around 9645 Auto Center Drive in Elk Grove, CA, follow our blog!

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