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Ford Hints At Plans To Launch A Ride-sharing Program With Uber & Lyft

June 5, 2017

Ford Hints At Plans To Launch A Ride-sharing Program With Uber & Lyft

Ride-sharing companies have made it easier for individuals to catch a quick ride when they need to get from point A to point B. Lyft and Uber have both become particularly renowned in this field, so much so that they are both beginning to experiment with vehicle technologies and accessories to provide drivers with a more comfortable way to enjoy their ride. Though these companies are already well established in the industry, it is not stopping other brands from trying their own hand at ride sharing. Ford is one such company interested in breaking into the industry, and representatives have recently said that the brand is planning on launching its own ride-sharing service to compete with Uber and Lyft.


According to sources, Ford may be ready to roll out the Uber-like service before the brand's self-driving cars will be released for public use. Though a plan for the option has not been expressly defined, the company’s executive vice president has said that he would not rule out a potential service established in the future. Through an on-demand mobility service, many fans of the brand believe that Ford can improve its synergy with self-driving vehicle options. Self-driving systems that can offer individuals ride-sharing capabilities can lend even more strength to the Ford name, which can result in an even more positive market influence in the future.


Representatives have said that, currently, they are planning on evaluating many aspects of Ford mobility in order to determine in what direction they want to take future projects and services. They have said that a lot of Ford's potential ride-sharing services will depend largely on the self-driving pilot models available, so much of the brand's innovation and development will prioritize self-driving vehicle development before the cars are ready to be released on a public scale. The tremendous push for autonomy and connectivity promises to make the experience all the more enjoyable, and many fans are looking forward to seeing what the company can provide in terms of a comfortable ride-hailing experience.


Since Mark Fields had stepped down as the CEO of the company, Jim Hackett has taken up the reins.  Based previously in the company's Smart Mobility division, he has since been focused on bringing the brand up to speed as the new transportation paradigm shifts.  Given his background and previously established mission, it is likely that the Ford name is going to focus on new self-driving services and options in order to make the driver's experience more comfortable and enjoyable.


In addition to general speculation, the Ford brand has also hinted at getting into the ride-hailing industry before.  The driver had said that there may be plans in the future to establish a commercial use for the self-driving cars by 2021, and the on-demand option can help draw more attention to the Ford name while providing drivers with a safe and easy way to get home.  However, given the nature of such news, it is important for potential customers to remain grounded.  The economics of establishing a ride-sharing competitor will work better once the brand has already established the infrastructure necessary for self-driving vehicles. Once all of the technology has been established, the vehicles will be ready to go, providing passengers with a self-driving option.


In the past several years, many automotive brands have turned their sights towards electric vehicles and self-driving software, bringing the two together to optimize safety and energy use for the future. This rapidly changing landscape also promises to synergize connectivity options, which can result in Smart technology improvements to vehicles to optimize connectivity between numerous systems within the home and mobile device.

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