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Ford Focuses on Making Vehicles More Intelligent

February 10, 2017

Ford Focuses on Making Vehicles More Intelligent

As software-rendering technology becomes more and more advanced, every business stands to benefit from the ready application of all types of practical programming systems. One industry, in particular, is already adding countless applications of software options, providing users with the opportunity to enjoy ready convenience at their own pace. With the automotive industry, such software options are designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to be safer and more fulfilled during their drive. The technology is slowly becoming more and more accessible, which means that even more drivers will have the opportunity to enjoy the software updates at their own pace.

Recently, Ford has decided to update their vehicles with new technology, saving consumers time and money on future updates. The automaker has introduced the SmartLink system to their vehicles, which is a device that allows drivers to plug into their cars in order to input a more advanced and responsive interface to assist them with regular driving. With this accessory, individuals have the opportunity to connect to the car's on-board diagnostics unit, or OBD, which is located below the steering wheel. This is available for any 2010 to 2016 Ford or Lincoln vehicle, and it can allow individuals to access their smartphone-based remote start as necessary. Drivers can also use the technology to unlock and lock their cars and activate the device as a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot that is capable of accepting upwards of eight devices onto the network. To stay on track of diagnostics as necessary, drivers can also use the system to manage vehicle health and keep up with security alerts. Individuals can even use a vehicle location assistance function to find their car in a busy location.

 The Ford SmartLink is meant to surprise and delight owners of the recent model-year vehicles. The executive vice president of the global marketing branch of Ford has said that the company is planning on adding these connectivity features to provide drivers with a better way to stay connected to their environment. SmartLink is planned to become available in the summer of 2017 at Lincoln and Ford dealerships across the United States. Though the official release date is not yet revealed, many fans are excited to learn more about what the update will mean for their vehicle. The professionals have conducted extensive performance and security tests to make sure that the improvements are necessary and capable of enhancing the customer experience as a whole. 

Numerous other software updates are planned for the automaker's vehicles, including connectivity options that can allow drivers to keep up with other Internet of Things systems, such as Alexa. Not all of these updates and apps are necessary either, as drivers can simply have the software plugins available without needing to use them. This means that individuals can control their involvement in the technology options, providing a more streamlined experience for those who desire it or a simpler one for those who would like to keep their driving straightforward and without the addition of further software.

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