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Ford F Series Pickups on Another Sales Tear

July 26, 2018

Ford F Series Pickups on Another Sales Tear

In the first six months of 2018, Ford has sold over 450,000 F Series trucks. That’s like every man, woman, and child in Sacramento buying a brand spanking new pickup. Did you get yours? Just kidding. But we can tell you that F Series trucks are the most popular of all the Ford models that we offer at Elk Grove Ford.

At this pace, Ford is well on its way to selling 1 million trucks in 2018, which would set a new record for an already amazing sales history. F Series sales have increased year over year for 20 of the last 21 months! In short, Ford pickups are the clear choice of American pickup drivers.

Why is that?

It’s a Great Truck and all, but the Real Secret Is…

Americans love their pickup trucks. As a class, they outsell every other class of automobile. Obviously, there is no shortage of brands vying for that massive market, but year after year, Americans select an F Series truck over the competition. Ford makes a great truck. The engineering, build and fit are exceptional. The safety technology is unmatched. The ride and handling dynamics are unparalleled, and the selection of engines ensures all the power and torque a driver wants.

But there’s more to a best-selling pickup than just a great platform.

The real reason that Ford outsells every other pickup brand is its ability to offer the buying public massive choice in the full-size and heavy duty pickup classes. Buying a F Series is akin to buying a custom-built vehicle. Between the F-150, F-250, F-350, and F-450, buyers can choose from 230 configurations.

By comparison, the Toyota Tundra offers two engines across three trims and two different powertrains. In 2017, Toyota sold 160,000 Tundras.

In 2015 Ford became the aluminum pickup and took a lot of trash talk from all steel competitors. But while the all steel trucks released cosmetic changes, Ford has methodically rolled out new features, including a 10-speed transmission and the exciting Raptor performance variant. You can get turbocharged 4 cylinders, V6s, V8s and later this year a diesel. Want to make hooking up a trailer easier? Ford offers a rear-view camera with trailer assistance. And the beat goes on. Never standing still, always offering more, is the secret to Ford’s truck success.

It’s About to get Even Better for Ford Pickup Fans

Currently, all of the F Series trucks are in the Big and Tall department. That limits buyers who may want a truck that is easier to step into and that they don’t have to worry about garage door clearance. Well, that mid-size Ford truck is coming to Sacramento in 2019 when Ford resurrects the Ranger. It will be more muscular and athletic than previous versions, and it’s the next exciting event in the evolution of Ford trucks.

Of course, not everybody in Sacramento drives a pickup. At Elk Grove Ford we have a great inventory of both new and used F series trucks, but we also have you covered when it comes to Mustang hotness, Edge SUV people hauling, and super-efficient Focus rides. If you don’t know us yet, take a moment now and check out our inventory.

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