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Ford Developers Creating Pothole Detection Systems for F-150 Drivers in Sacramento

March 10, 2017

Ford Developers Creating Pothole Detection Systems for F-150 Drivers in Sacramento

One of the most common problems on the road in Sacramento is running into potholes.  At night, this problem is made especially worse when individuals are not sure where they are driving as the faster one drives into the pothole, the more damage it can cause.  Even when driving an elevated vehicle like the 2017 Ford F-150 truck or the Dodge RAM, potholes are easy to miss and can cause an enormous amount of damage to a car or a truck, regardless of how high the vehicle’s body is from the ground.  

Currently, headlights and many other illumination systems make it easier for individuals to keep track of potential problems on the road, but the danger can still persist if Sacramento drivers are not careful.  In order to address the problem more completely, Ford automakers are looking into software and hardware systems that can help drivers keep track of such issues.

Ford, one of the leading carmakers in the world, has recently said that the brand is planning on experimenting with new technology that can be used to detect potholes and help warn drivers of upcoming problems on the road.  Ford cars and trucks, like the F-150, Explorer, Escape, and Fusion, are planned to be equipped with cameras in the future that are specifically designed to continuously scan roads during the drive. This new technology scans data on the road for potential potholes, which in turn will alert the driver on the dashboard display.

Currently, the idea is being tested with a research firm in Germany. The German experts have said that while detection systems are beginning to work as intended, altering the routes themselves in order to better avoid potholes may be more difficult.  The virtual pothole map can be used to highlight new potholes the minute they appear, which can be extremely valuable when it comes to warning drivers of the potential hazard ahead.  Ford has said that their cars already features sensors that can detect potholes, and the brand is now taking a look at how they can apply the technology to the next level.

The pothole-sensing technology itself has been planned for future development for some time now, but it may need further refinement in order to provide individuals with a greater degree of safety and control in the future. Currently, one of the biggest problems that the technology faces is detecting the potholes underneath conditions like snow and ice. Experts hope that as more cars become outfitted with this technology, more and more drivers will be able to transmit the data from the road to other vehicles, keeping maps up to date and safe in real time. This model can be invaluable for those who are passing through an area that has had sudden damage appear on the road. The same technology can be invaluable for those who need to target future repairs. With further technological integration, the system can be invaluable in protecting cars from damage while driving down all types of roads.

Pothole damage has been reported to affect upwards of 39 percent of all drivers.  The damage itself can vary based on the size of the pothole and the speed at which the vehicle was traveling when it encountered the issue.  In the best-case scenario, the vehicle may experience a little bit of scuffing or exterior damage that can be fixed relatively quickly.  In the worst-case scenario, however, the damage can be extensive, resulting in the need for towing or some type of emergency procedure in order to restore the vehicle back to its former condition.  Regardless of the upgrades to Ford’s detection technology or how prevalent potholes may be in Houston, it is always strongly recommended for all individuals to practice safe driving techniques and to pay caution when driving on unfamiliar roads.

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