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Ford Boosts Its 2014 EcoBoost Lineup to 13 U.S. Cities

June 3, 2014

Ford Boosts Its 2014 EcoBoost Lineup to 13 U.S. Cities

Ford already reigns as the leader in gasoline turbo direct-inject engines in North America, on account of its incredible EcoBoost sales. The advanced engine technology is sweeping the nation, and beyond, with its fuel-saving capabilities that don't begin to compromise power. With such success, the automaker continued to improve the powertrain line for its 2014 new Ford lineup, while expanding its availability to more models. To show customers the engines' boost of benefits, the brand is touring the U.S. to offer the ultimate test drive.

Attendees of the Ford EcoBoost Challenge will get to enjoy its advanced engine technology from behind the wheel of an all-new Fusion or Escape. Participants won't only get to experience the power and fuel-efficiency exclusive to EcoBoost, but they'll get to show off its advantage over competitors. The Challenge invites customers to drive a selected model against competing vehicles in closed track experiences, to demonstrate EcoBoost's unmatched combination of force and fuel economy.

The Challenge will hit 13 major cities, from coast to coast, including San Francisco on July 13th and Los Angeles on July 20th. Our Sacramento area drivers looking to take part in the Ford-centric fun can pre-register a spot at www.fordecoboostchallengedrive.com.

But when it comes to taking these bad boys home, that's where Elk Grove Ford comes into play. The 2014 lineup of EcoBoost-equipped models are trickling into our dealership in Elk Grove, CA, where you can take advantage of our useful auto loan or lease options and continue enjoying the engine technology's many perks as you cruise away in your new Ford.

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