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Best AfFORDable Ford Cars of 2017

October 10, 2017

Best AfFORDable Ford Cars of 2017

Be honest.  Does finding an affordable new car sound like a daunting task?  In fairness, few cars will blend performance, price, and functionality into one package.  Thankfully, Ford is here to save the day. Countless Ford vehicles offer all the features you’ll ever need for your daily life (and then some).  Even better, many of these vehicles cost less than $30,000.  So, are you ready to find an amazing car to fit the tightest of budgets?  Then read along with us as we show you our favorite affordable Fords of the year.


Ford Fusion SE—MSRP $23,740

Kicking off our list is the safe, yet reliable, Ford Fusion SE.  This midsized, front-wheel-drive car will smoothly drive you to any destination.  Of course, if front-wheel-drive is an issue, you can always upgrade to an all-wheel drive model for only $2,000 more (still staying within a reasonable budget!). 

Overall, the performance is pretty decent here.  The 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine will offer you 175 horsepower.  As far as speed goes, the Fusion drives from 0-60 mph in 9.1 seconds, which will help you merge into traffic and busy highways without any hassle. 

While the performance is decent, the safety ratings really steal the show here.   The NHTSA awarded this car a whopping five stars for overall safety.  Keep in mind that this is the highest rating available.  Furthermore, the IIHS ranked the car as “good” for all the crashworthiness categories.  Again, this is the highest grade a car can receive. 

You’ll also find all the modern safety features you could ever want in a car.  To give you an idea, some of these include pedestrian detection, active park assist, adaptive cruise control, BLIS (blind spot information system), and plenty more. 

At the end of the day, you’re getting a reliable car that will drive you anywhere safely.  Sure, performance might sound fun.  But, ultimately, is it not getting to that destination safely what matters most? 


Ford Escape SE—MSRP $25,605 

The Ford Escape SE is here to prove that a great mid-sized SUV can be affordable. 

Under the hood, you’ll find that EcoBoost engine we’ve all come to love from Ford.  Specifically, the Escape SE ships with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder motor.  For performance, the engine refrains from slacking. 179 horsepower and 177 ft-lb torque allow for one of the smoothest mid-sized SUV rides you’ll ever find.

Moving inside the car, your passengers will find comfort that feels well beyond the price tag.  The front bucket seats provide just the right amount of cushioning.  Meanwhile, backseat passengers will definitely appreciate the eight cup holders and abundance of legroom.  If that’s not enough, Ford’s Escape allows for Bluetooth and smartphone integration.  Combine these features with the SYNC infotainment system and dual-zone temperature controls, and you’ll find this fun mid-sized SUV offers plenty of luxury features. 

If you still feel like you need more from your Ford Escape, plenty of upgrades exist as well.  Some of the standouts include the rear parking sensors and all-wheel-drive package, as well as the cold weather package for heated seats and window defrosters.

Even without the upgrades, you’ll find the Ford Escape SE to be one of the best affordable mid-sized SUVs on the market.


Ford Edge SE—MSRP $28,950

If you want an alternative to the Ford Escape, the Ford Edge works as another amazing mid-sized SUV. 

Open the hood of the Ford Edge, and you will find a Twin-Scroll, 2.0L EcoBoost Engine.  This motor will offer you a stellar 245 horsepower.  Furthermore, the 24-highway mpg is pretty decent for a mid-sized SUV.

While the performance feels great, perhaps the real hero here is Edge’s interior.  With five seats and plenty of leg room, you’ll find this SUV is perfect for a starting family, or anyone who craves leg room. 

The space becomes even better upon examining cargo space.  Behind the rear seat, you’ll find 39.2 cubic feet of space.  Fold down the backseats, and you will receive a full 73.4 cubic feet of cargo room.  Dog owners know that this space is perfect for taking their furry friends along for any ride.  And there’s also no denying this space works well for luggage.  Really, where else will you find this space in a mid-sized SUV?


Ford Fiesta ST—MSRP $21,140

Who ever said you’d never be able to buy an affordable sports car? The Ford Fiesta ST offers some impressive performance, especially for a car of its price.

To say the least, the Fiesta packs quite the performance punch.  With a 1.6 liter EcoBoost i4 engine, you can expect 197 horsepower and 202 lb-ft torque.  For a more visual number, this car will drive from 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds—which is phenomenal for a car under $25,000! To further sweeten this deal, you can expect a full 33mpg of highway miles.  So, in other words, you’re saving money in more places than the dealership.

This car also offers amazing grip and handling.  Perhaps it’s the low and firm suspension, but there’s no denying that this car performs some smooth turns.  Even pulling in and out of tight spaces in a parking garage feels like a breeze. 

Lastly, the NHTSA rewarded the Fiesta a full five-star safety rating when it comes to overall safety. Again, this is the highest grade obtainable.

So, what is not to love with the Ford Fiesta ST? Altogether you a have a sports car with impressive performance, great gas mileage, stellar safety ratings, and a low affordable price!  

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