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Avoid These Terrible Valentine's Day Gifts for the Car Lover in Your Life

February 9, 2015

Avoid These Terrible Valentine's Day Gifts for the Car Lover in Your Life

Guys mess up the whole Valentine’s Day gift-giving thing so often that it’s practically a cliché. They tend to get their girlfriends or wives something cheap or impersonal or unromantic…that is, when they remember to get anything at all.

But in the interest of fairness, ladies can also get Valentine’s Day wrong. When it comes to the car—often a guy’s second love—a number of women just don’t know what to buy for it. To be honest, plenty of men are similarly clueless as well.

That’s why the Elk Grove Ford Blog has decided to perform a public service by producing a guide to the car-related gifts you should avoid this Valentine’s Day. For suggestions on good car gifts, inquire with the Elk Grove Ford Parts Department

10. Snow Tires

Having snow tires in the sunny climes of Northern California are as about as practical as booties on a cat. Save them for the next time you visit New York or Boston (we hear it snows a lot in those places).

9. Fuzzy Dice

These types of cheesy automotive decorations may be all right as a gag gift, but don’t break them out for a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day. Yes, even if they have hearts on them.

8. Car Magazine Subscriptions

In theory, this may sound like a thoughtful gift. But it may cause your mate to wonder if you were inspired by your last trip to the dentist’s office than by feelings of amor.

7. In-Dash DVD Players

Watching your favorite movie while you drive might seem like fun. But the California Highway Patrol rightly cracks down on distracted driving for the dangers it poses. Wait until you get home to watch “Fast & Furious,” as opposed to acting it out while on the road.

6. Portable Vacuum Cleaners

You may think that a hand-held vacuum would be a nice way to help your honey de-clutter the backseat. But it’s more likely that your partner will think that you think s/he is an incorrigible slob. Even if that happens to be true, getting your boyfriend or girlfriend a car wash/detail package would be a far nicer gesture.

5. Steering Wheel Covers

What’s so terrible about a cover for your steering wheel, you may ask? Check out these steering wheel covers and you’ll have your answer. Besides, they’re fairly unnecessary in a warm-weather city like Sacramento.

4. Car Eyelashes

We talked earlier about tacky interior decorations like fuzzy dice, but you can’t hide your poor taste from your fellow drivers with these auto eyesores. And the less said about the pickup truck accessories that resemble a certain part of the male anatomy, the better.

3. Auto Gift Cards/Certificates

Nothing says “I don’t know you or what you like” quite like a gift card or certificate. Also, unless you’re willing to splurge on it, the card or certificate you give your lover is unlikely to get them a product or service of substance.

2. Used Car Parts & Accessories

Certainly, there’s great value to be found in purchasing a pre-owned car. But from a sanitary standpoint, we’re dubious about buying used seat covers, floor mats or other such items. Worse still, by going with a used part or accessory, your husband or wife may think that you’re an incurable cheapskate who didn’t care enough about him/her to purchase a newer (yet still relatively inexpensive) version.

1. Nothing At All

But as bad as getting a cheap, used gift may be, it’s still better than bupkis. Failing to come home with ANY Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one is liable to be met with stony stares and a one-way trip to the doghouse. So if this article leaves you with nothing else, it’s this—be sure to treat the car enthusiast in your life kindly on February 14th!

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