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A Look at Ford’s 2019 Trucks

February 15, 2019

A Look at Ford’s 2019 Trucks

Ford has recently announced that they are planning to make upgrades from the ground up for the 2019 series of F-series trucks. These changes will occur across the board on these super duty trucks. Although only a few images have been released, experts are suggesting that these changes will be comprehensive to the F-series super duty trucks. Some insiders have even confirmed rumors that a regular-cab-F450 may even be added to Ford’s lineup of trucks. This would not be surprising since Ford has announced their desire to focus on innovating their trucks and SUVs. 

Ford is clearly working to ensure that they continue to stay ahead of the competition. All of the photos indicate that Ford’s newest series of truck will be much better equipped for towing and far more powerful on the inside. The exteriors to Ford’s new trucks also appear to have been revamped, and there should be a number of eye-catching colors available for consumers to choose from. Ford is also set to replace the exterior styling on the front grille, which opens up a number of new design options.

In fact, it even seems as if the vehicle’s rear end and exterior lights will be revamped. New headlights and taillights that feature modern styling are set to be added to the F-series super duty trucks, and it seems as if a sleek, sculpted tailgate will replace the current edition of rear ends on the truck. Similarly, the F-250 Super Duty is also set to be released with a radically different looking front end. While the rumors have not been confirmed, Ford seems to indicate that they will be releasing these trucks in the early part of 2020. Some have even implied that there will be more additions to the outside of the Ford F-series trucks.

Under the hood, Ford has stated that the trucks will either be powered by a more-powerful 6.2-liter, 385 horsepower V-8 gasoline engine which generates 430 lb-feet of torque, or the 6.7-liter, 430 horsepower, V-8 turbo diesel engine the packs nearly 935 lb-feet of torque. The gasoline engines on these high-powered trucks may even produce 500 pounds of torque along with 400 horsepower, making them powerful enough to tackle any job that you may have. Likewise, a new 10-speed transmission is being developed that is set to be released in these vehicles.

Ford has spent nearly $1.2 billion upgrading its manufacturing centers, and the 2019 Ford F-Series is set to be a radically new truck benefitting from these investments. At Elk Grove Ford, we are extremely excited for what the future has to offer, and we will keep you updated.

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