The Environmental 2017 Ford Transit Connect

October 25, 2016

The Environmental 2017 Ford Transit Connect

On October 20, 2016, the Green Car Journal and the San Antonio Auto & Trust show announced their 10 finalists for the 2017 Commercial Green Car of the year, which includes the 2017 Ford Transit Connect. This award recognizes light commercial vehicles that set the bar high for performance when it comes to their environmental impact. Areas included for the award are efficiency, reducing emissions, and overall environmental improvement.

Unlike other vehicles that stand out, you likely have passed several Ford Transit Connects on the road and not even known it. Although they are generally known for their use in commercial business, they are stylish and gaining popularity with consumers. This vehicle was originally designed for the European market but has quickly expanded its marketability to urban, suburban, and even rural America. It is not only sophisticated but it also is flexible when it comes to moving cargo and humans.

Redesigned a few years ago, the Ford Transit Connect is a practical solution to many business and personal automotive needs. It also puts up a fair fight with its rivals such as the Chevy City Express, the Ram ProMaster City, and the Nissan NV200. While certain aspects of a crossover or minivan put off some drivers, they may ultimately be attracted to the Transit Connect. It is neither a full-size van nor a typical minivan. 

Two different types of Transit Connects are available, with the Transit Connect Wagon being more passenger-friendly with seating for up to seven. Although not as roomy as a typical minivan, this modern Ford vehicle is still a versatile and frugal vehicle for hauling people short term.

For being the type of vehicle that it is, the Transit Connect is an attractive option. The interior looks similar to that of a Focus or Fiesta or even the Escape crossover. With many buttons and a convenient feel this vehicle is highly competitive. This Ford vehicle drives with the dynamic of a small car with a 6-speed automatic transmission. 

The Transit Connect has front-wheel drive and comes with either a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine or a 1.6-liter turbocharged inline-4. Mechanically both the Transit Connect and the Transit Connect Wagon have the same platform as the Ford Focus. Drivers will appreciate the responsive handling and well-weighted steering that it provides. In fact, even critics admit that the wagon, in particular, is nimble.

With a raised roof, the Transit Connect gives most drivers more than a foot of clearance above their head. In the front, many report that this vehicle feels as if you are driving a Ford Focus but with elevated seating. For three-row Wagons of the Transit Connect, the second-row seating splits 60/40 in order to fit most adults. Its seatbacks also flip forward and the entire seat has the ability to be folded into the floor-well in one swift and easy motion.

No matter what kind of load you need to haul, this vehicle offers many versatile options. It has wide-opening sliding doors, a roomy cargo opening as well as several ways to configure the seating. To make loading and unloading easier, the Transit Connect rides at car height, as opposed to a crossover that requires most people to step up go get in or unload cargo. New for the 2017 Ford Transit Connect is an optional roof rack that adds to its versatility and expands its carrying capacity. 

Safety features are not lacking in this modern Ford vehicle as it is equipped with three-row airbags on seven-passenger model Wagons and two-row curtain airbags on five-passenger models. It has earned an NHTSA five-star overall rating in crash testing.

Drivers can opt for a touchscreen and a rearview camera system for additional convenience and safety. The XLT trim features standard cruise control and heated power mirrors. Fuel economy will vary based on body style and engine types, however, high-volume models, offer a 22/29/24 mpg. You can even select from Transit Connect models that take natural gas or LPG.


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