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Ford Offers New Motorhome Options for Campers

October 10, 2016

Ford Offers New Motorhome Options for Campers

The Ford name has always been a popular option for those who love the great outdoors. With so many vehicles available with such an impressive array of options and additions, it is easy to see why fans of the brand continue to look forward to seeing new releases from the manufacturer. With the use of platforms such as the E-Series and the F-Series, Ford continues to provide drivers an impressive number of camper-hauling trucks and motorhome options. Some of the newest off-roaders include the EarthRoamer XV-HD and the Sportsmobile Classic, which were already well received by critics and fans of the brand alike. 

Though many of these options are focused on the driving aspect, Ford is now beginning to set its sights on the back. Ford is beginning to release a brand new line of campers that are designed to provide adventurers with the reliability they need to enjoy the great outdoors. The company is planning to offer customers a full line of completely licensed camping trailers, campers and haulers. The Ford name has long been associated with driving quality, but few know that the manufacturing giant has always had plans to provide customers with stronger RV options that can cover all of the necessary bases.

The RV industry itself has flourished in the last several years, particularly vehicles that were developed following the example of the Model T. Studies show that sales of RVs have steadily been increasing every year over the course of the last five years, reaching over 350,000 sales in 2014. This was a massive increase of 11 percent from the previous year. Studies also show that RV ownership overall has reached a record high, with over 9 million households owning recreational vehicles. This is a 16 percent increase from numbers tallied in 2001.

Ford representatives have stated that the brand is planning on releasing its very own line of carefully developed RVs. These plans include offering customers a variety of options, including camping trailers, new toy hauling trailers and even truck-bed campers. Ford is hoping to keep up with other giants in the industry, pushing the envelope to provide customers with an even stronger array of mobile options for camping and recreational living. Details are still being developed, but fans of the brand are looking forward to seeing what new options will be available in the future. 

The new line is designed for drivers who want to explore the best of America. Mark Bentley, the Ford Licensing manager, has said that exploration has always been in the brand’s customers’ blood. He believes that the new Ford licensing with the new line of RV options is just what the company’s customers need to enjoy the same Ford features in some of the most advanced and comfortable RV options. Ford Truck Design is working with Living Lite to begin developing the first designs for the products. Some of the first models that Ford released featured an elegantly curved front that combines all of the best design elements of the F-Series and the traditional motifs found with the Ford brand.

Ford has said that the new line will begin launching slide-in truck campers. These are built with six foot and eight-foot beds for maximum comfort and efficiency. The travel trailers and the toy haulers will come in 22 foot and 24 foot lengths as well. These are scheduled to join the lineup at a later date. Future models will also include compact pop-up trailers that feature longer fifth wheels. These are planned to be more versatile options for interested drivers.

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