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Futuristic FordPass App

August 15, 2016

Futuristic FordPass App

Ford, like many other car makers, has been focusing on improving the technology that is available in their vehicles. Though Ford isn’t the first to put emphasis on making their cars smarter, they offer more features than most of their competition even on their base level vehicles. As Ford works to prepare for the future of smart vehicles, consumers are getting access to more of their technology every day.

Recently, Ford introduced their FordPass app for mobile devices. This app allows drivers to connect their smartphones to their vehicles and get information about the vehicle, as well as control parts of it. For beginners, the app does come with a chat or call feature for support, so if you are unsure about how to use the app with your vehicle, a support representative can assist you.

Once you learn how to use the app you’ll see that it comes in handy every day. Whether you want to lock your car, check how much gas you have left, or start the engine to warm up your vehicle in the morning, you’ll be able to do all of that from your phone. Ford also offers “perks” for using the app such as roadside assistance which is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This includes help jump-starting your vehicle, changing a flat tire and having fuel delivered to you.

Besides car related perks, FordPass has some other features such as a parking finder and FordPay. FordPay is similar to Apple Pay, allowing you to tap and pay with your phone when making purchases. Powered by ParkWhiz, the parking finder not only helps you find a parking location near you, but you can also reserve a parking spot ahead of time and pay all from the FordPass app (at this time the parking feature is only available in select cities).

The FordPass app is currently available for Apple and Android smartphones. It allows you to connect multiple vehicles to the app, so if you have 2 Ford vehicles then you can control both of them from one smartphone. At Elk Grove Ford, we have many vehicles on the lot which are capable of connecting to the FordPass app.

Whether you are into the sporty Mustangs or heavy-duty trucks, all of Ford’s new vehicles come with upgrade options so you can connect them to your mobile phones. At Elk Grove Ford, we’re sure you’ll find a vehicle that you love and will able to connect to your new FordPass app!

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