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Advancing Ford Technology with QNX

Advancing Ford Technology with QNX

In the past few months, there have been talks of how IoT will change the car audio market. With more people relying on their mobile phones and apps to complete daily tasks, integrating mobile phones with vehicles has become a top priority for many automakers. Blackberry recently acquired a company called QNX which specializes in IoT. In a collaborative effort between QNX and Ford, Ford will now be using the Sync 3 QNX operating system in all of their new Ford vehicles instead of the older MyFord Microsoft system which was used in the past.

Though Ford isn’t the first to start investing in IoT systems for their vehicles, its commitment to QNX is big news for the auto industry. QNX currently operates in over 60 million vehicles which means it takes up almost 50% market share in the automotive business. Other car manufacturers have already started using QNX technology in their vehicles such as BMW, Chrysler, GM, Honda, Mercedes and now Toyota which also stated it would assist Ford in adopting the new industry standard. With Ford signing on to use the new system, QNX will be one step closer to overtaking Microsoft, Google, Apple and other software companies trying to take market share in infotainment systems.

According to DigitalTrends, the new Sync 3 system which Ford is using now is much better than the older MyFord Touch system which was being used. The usability has improved compared to the older system as well as the voice controls, since the new system relies heavily on voice command. The redesigned layout of the screen makes it much easier for users to access their navigation, music and mobile device.

A popular feature in the new Sync 3 system is Ford’s AppLink. This allows drivers to connect their phones to the infotainment system as well as their apps, which makes it easier for users to open their music apps such as Pandora or Spotify via voice commands instead of having to scroll through their phone. As for the hardware on the new system, Ford seems to have fixed the touchscreen responsiveness in their new Sync 3 which is something many old drivers complained about in their reviews. Their new 8-inch screen is said to perform flawlessly without freezing up or having any lag time.

With new advances being made with IoT and car infotainment systems, this is just the start of automakers investing in their audio systems. Now that Ford has partnered with QNX, there will be many more vehicles on the road that are able to connect to mobile devices and work as mobile hotspots. With each year that goes by, there will continue to be new features available in vehicles for the public to take advantage of. More technology, and more competition means a better product for all consumers.

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