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2019 Trends Report

January 25, 2019

2019 Trends Report

In their 7th annual Looking Further with Ford Trends Report, Ford reveals the ways in which the variety of trends are consistently influencing changes in behavior across a number of areas. Elk Grove Ford always works to fully-understand these trends and listed below are several of the key influencers to the next generation of Ford vehicles.

One hot topic in the world of vehicles is the prevalence of self-driving cars. As of today, nearly 67% of adults would consciously choose to ride in a self-driving car over a standard vehicle. The report took a further glimpse into the choices made by consumers, and it revealed that technology is beginning to play a key role in the next wave of innovations. For example, the survey suggested that 87% of adults believed that technology was the greatest, most-influential driver of change.

Another major change is that consumers are increasingly searching for more environment-friendly vehicles. As Ford revealed that more and more adults are becoming conscious of their affects on their surrounding environments, many are hoping to make changes to protect the health of our planet. As a result, more sustainable practices will be implemented both in factories as well as the cars we drive. For example, with the new Paris Climate Accord, many manufactures will focus on reducing CO2 as well as investing in a variety of fully electric vehicles. Ford alone has begun to invest in releasing over 16 different electric vehicles by 2022. This marks a significant shift in thinking, and electric vehicles will continue to rise in prominence.

Similarly, many Americans are looking to journey on longer vacations over the next several years. As a result, Ford indicated that there would be a significant shift in increasing the perceived comfort of a vehicle. As vacation time increases, adults will spend more time in cars, underlining the importance of them being comfortable and smooth on any terrain. Ford is also beginning to work with other companies in the self-driving car segment. By patterning with Wal-Mart and Postmates, Ford is attempting to examine the ways in which self-driving cars can assist with Wal-Mart’s home delivery systems. These numbers of innovations will impact the ways in which Americans fundamentally interact with vehicles.

Ultimately, the 2019 Ford Trend Report will serve as a roadmap in understanding the key patterns that will influence car design as well as our relationship with our vehicles. At Elk Grove Ford, we believe that by understanding these trends, we can further serve our customers and provide you with the perfect vehicle for your situation. It is extremely important to understand the trends and patterns, especially when it comes to cars. Whether you are searching for a smart-car or one with a host of safety-features, we will do our best to provide you with the best value! Be sure to stop by and talk to us as you begin your search for your next car.

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