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2019 Ford Mustang Review

April 10, 2019

2019 Ford Mustang Review

Ford has done it yet again with the 2019 Mustang, offering a variety of their legendary pony cars for an array of drivers and budgets. Their entry model, the four-cylinder EcoBoost, still boasts a respectable 310 horsepower while getting into the thirty-mile per gallon range on the highway. Stepping things up slightly, the GT Mustang sports a 5-liter V8 engine that promises fun on commutes as well as on the track. These two models can be spec’d out to your needs, offered in both hardtop and convertible with a variety of appearance and trim packages and the usual rainbow of Ford colors available. The Ecoboost and GT are both solid entries into the Mustang lineage. Where things get seriously interesting in 2019 is in the special models Ford is putting out this year.

In terms of sheer cool factor, the Bullitt Mustang is worth mentioning. Starting with a GT, with its 460 horsepower, handsome styling, and cutting-edge interior, the Bullitt takes everything a step further. The gauge cluster is sharp, full of information, and can be totally customized to the user’s preference. Brembo brakes make sure that you can stop that V8 when you need to. For your neighbors, the Bullitt comes with a volume control system that tunes your exhaust note to your particular tastes with the push of a button. The Bullitt logo is found throughout, and the details are right on: there’s a white cue ball shifter and the paint color is perfect. Basically, you’ll get to live out your Steve McQueen dreams in a faster, more comfortable, and overall more capable version of the original.

If that’s not enough go for you, the Mustang also comes in a Shelby GT350 option, with a face-melting 526 horsepower being cranked out of a 5.2L V8 that will keep you engaged in any driving conditions. The standard GT350 is impressive enough, with a gorgeous Recarco interior, sport-oriented brakes, and extra wide rear tires to keep you plated. But, Mustang has one last trick pony for us, the GT350R- adding line lock, even sportier suspension, and various engine and oil coolers, and a seriously cool carbon fiber set of front and rear wings.

The Mustang has always been at the forefront of pony cars- offering more modest, but still sporty, models for daily commuting that are fun enough for anyone, but sane enough for anyone’s mom. But, if you’re looking for serious cars for enthusiasts, the V8 offerings, whether it’s the GT, Bullitt, or GT350 in their various flavors, Mustang has you more than covered. The base models will put a smile on your face: the sportier Mustangs will make your track competition rethink their choice in other American and import sports cars. No matter which Mustang you go with, you’ll be in a modern, comfortable interior with seats of your choice of material clearly designed to keep you planted, and all the amenities you’d expect: infotainment systems that work, a beautiful digital dash, and all the option you care to add. 2019 is, yet again, a good year for Mustang.

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