First Test Drives Detail the 2017 Ford Fusion's Potential

November 16, 2016

First Test Drives Detail the 2017 Ford Fusion's Potential

In order to keep up with rising gas prices and fuel efficiency demands, Ford has made major changes to their Fusion lineup. The new 2017 Fusion Sport model comes with an engine seemingly borrowed from the F-150 pickup. The 325 horsepower 2.7 liter turbocharged twin V6 has transformed the Fusion into one of the most powerful mainstream midsized sedans available on the market today. The new model also features 380 lb-ft of torque, which is accommodated with an all-wheel-drive system that comes standard, designed to optimize the front tire performance.

The 2017 Fusion Sport is priced modestly at $34,000, and it comes available as an alternative to many popular sporty sedan models on the market today. Like its competitors, it features a low-key setting that allows drivers to enjoy the performance without drawing too much attention. The vast majority of the changes to the vehicle were made to reconcile subtlety and sportiness, resulting in a pleasantly revamped model. Some of the most noticeable changes from its previous models include a more aggressively arranged front fascia, a smaller rear spoiler and 19-inch wheels. The rear also features four subtle exhaust pipes that add strength and character to the vehicle as a whole.

The interior remains more or less the same, but some of the more clearly established changes include the faux carbon-fiber trim, the deep leather arrangement and the synthetic suede-upholstered seats set behind the steering wheel. These changes allow individuals to manually shift the car's six speed automatic transmission as desired, making it a particularly excellent option for leisure rides. Getting the car ready is as easy as pressing the button in the center of the rotary gear selector within the console. The throttle response adjusts for your comfort and the suspension is elegantly understated in terms of what it can provide during the drive itself.

Drivers in the mood for noise can dial up the enhanced engine notes to fill the otherwise quiet cabin with a pleasant thrum. When drivers step on the throttle, they are treated to a surprisingly fast driving experience. The car handles with authority, and any experienced driver will be pleased with its merging and turning potential, no matter how winding the roads may appear.

Drivers maintain control throughout their drive as they keep up with the graphics on the dashboard. The informative section shows how much power is allocated to the wheels at any moment. When the driving is smooth and peaceful, the majority of the power remains in the front wheels to conserve fuel. When the car accelerates or begins to handle more actively, the power is shuffled up front to the rear, where it is used as needed. Switching to a normal drive ode allows the springs to float elegantly while the body itself is under control. Drivers have described the ride itself as pleasingly responsive, especially when taken along moderately rough roads.

The vehicle is loaded with a variety of amenities designed for driver comfort. There is adaptive cruise control and self-parking that makes handling the vehicle easy at all times. The vehicle also comes with a sunroof for leisure drives, and an upgrade package makes the car even more ideal for recreational use. Individuals can look forward to the Sony audio system, ambient lighting and a dual-zone climate control system that optimizes passenger comfort as required. Overall, fans of the brand were excited by the results. They found the vehicle to be impressive without going too far over the top in terms of the drive itself. Many are looking forward to future changes in next year's model.

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